David Bridwell

David Bridwell (MRN)

I am a Research Scientist at the Mind Research Network in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I am interested in how apparently distinct brain networks integrate and shape sensory processing in healthy and clinical populations. My research generally falls under three areas. Within the first area, I am focused on the mechanisms and characteristics in which the brain shapes attention to visual and auditory features. I have approached this experimentally by measuring the cortical response to steady-state visual or auditory stimuli (i.e. with frequency-tagging), or by examining the sensitivity of healthy and clinical populations to moment-to-moment changes in the acoustic environment. Within the second area, I examine the utility of using natural stimuli to identify differences in preference and emotional processing within healthy individuals, and to distinguish between healthy individuals and mental health disorders and subtypes. In general, I am interested in understanding mental disorders from a symptom-based perceptive (as opposed to focusing on categorical diagnosis) and characterizing the relationship between individual symptom profiles and cognitive and cortical measures of attention and cognitive control.

The latest goings-on

Mobile EEG

NeuroExpo ABQ

We showed off our fancy Mobile EEG device at the ABQ NeuroExpo, and talked about our experiments involving Tetris, Movies, and Music (and more). (Updated 04.27.2016)

OHBM 2016

Poster at OHBM

I'll be presenting my latest research on Deriving Distinct EEG Spatiospectral Maps with Multi-Subject Blind Source Separation at the Organization for Brain Mapping meeting in Geneva Switzerland (Updated 04.08.2016)

Brain Topography

New Paper in Brain Topography

Bridwell, D.A., Rachakonda, S., Silva, R.F., Pearlson, G.D., Calhoun, V.D. Spatiospectral decomposition of multi-subject EEG: evaluating blind source separation algorithms on real and realistic simulated data. (Updated 03.21.2016)


New Paper in PLOS ONE

Bridwell, D.A., Roth, C., Navin Gupta, C., Calhoun, V.D. Cortical response similarities predict which audiovisual clips individuals viewed, but are unrelated to clip preference (Updated 06.02.2015)


New Coauthored Review Article

Lowe, M., Sakaie, K., Beall, E., Calhoun, V.D., Bridwell, D.A., Rubinov, M., Rao, S.M. Modern Methods for Interrogating the Human Connectome, Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society (Updated 03.21.2016)

New paper from the Shamatha Project

Erika Rosenberg's manuscript was recently accepted in Emotion: Rosenberg, E.L., Zanesco, A.P., King, B.G., Aichele, S.R., Jacobs, T.L., Bridwell, D.A., MacLean, K.A., Shaver, P.R., Ferrer, E., Sahdra, B.K., Lavy, S., Wallace, B.A., Saron, C.D. Intensive Meditation Training Influences Emotional Responses to Suffering. (Updated 05.07.2015)

New paper from the Shamatha Project

Manish Saggar's manuscript was recently accepted in NeuroImage: Saggar, M., Zanesco, A.P., King, B.G., Bridwell, D.A., MacLean, K.A., Aichele, S.R., Jacobs, T.L., Wallace, B.A., Saron, C.D., Miikkulainen, R. Mean-field thalamocortical modeling of longitudinal EEG acquired during intensive meditation training. (Updated 04.08.2015)

Last Update: 09.08.2016