The Art of Conflict, A Marketing Webinar.

In our latest webinar, we discussed the role of conflict and tension in advertising and shared five behavior-based marketing strategies that brands can use to engage their audiences.

Brain Waves, Music, Art And Creativity (MOCO 2020).

I had a great time speaking to an audience of creatives at the 2020 Conference on Movement and Computing. Shout out to Ivan Gligorijevic (CEO of mBrainTrain) for inviting me.

Webinar on Balancing Brand Awareness and Sales in Summer 2020.

We discussed psychological changes we’ve seen as the crisis has evolved from pandemic to protest. We’ll look at which brands led the way, which brands struggled, and how marketers can use these insights to balance branding and sales to grow in a shrinking market.

Webinar on The Psychology of Marketing In A Reopening Economy.

In the process of reopening, new customers will engage with your business and the values of existing customers will change. These changes bring new questions for marketers: What are your customers priorities? What new habits are they likely to form? What messages will resonate?

Webinar on Creative Marketing and Strategic Spend.

In this webinar, we talked about six creative insights to guide marketing strategy, we discussed why advertising is important during economic downturns, and we discussed how to be smart with production while we’re social distancing.

Interview on the impact of COVID-19 on live music.

I enjoyed talking with Andrew Seltz on the Birmingham Video Creators Podcast. We talked about the impact of COVID-19 on live music and what musicians can do during this time.

Webinar on Strategies and Behavior Changes During COVID-19

In this webinar we discussed 5 creative strategies marketers need to consider and 9 key changes in consumer behavior during and following the COVID-19 crisis.

Marketing Q&A With Auburn Students

I enjoyed catching up with the marketing students at Auburn University, talking about how I made the transition from academia to marketing.

Webinar on Psychological Insights And Marketing Trends

In this webinar Jake McKenzie and I talk about Psychological Insights and Marketing Trends that are important to consider in 2020 and beyond.

Why Videos Go Viral

In this video I look at the secrets to making viral videos and what this reveals about human behavior and marketing.

What The Sidewalk Reveals About The City

Magic is created when the locals congregate among the mixture of coffee shops, cleaners, record stores, dive bars, and empty store fronts.

Sam Lou Uncased Podcast Interview

"Blow Up Your TV". No More Gatekeepers. Folk singer, songwriter, and People Scientist, David Bridwell, Ph.D., takes Sam Lou Talbot's call from his closet, post meridian, at his home in Birmingham, Alabama. Talking strategy, labyrinths, and his #onesongpermonth challenge on YouTube.

The Psychology of Digital Marketing (Lecture)

I had a great time speaking at Auburn University about how Intermark Group thinks about digital marketing from a psychological perspective.

Birmingham Video Creators Podcast

I Really enjoyed interviewing for the Birmingham Video Creators Podcast. Click the link to learn more about how I explored cities by playing music on the street.

Social Psychology, Music, and the Brain on KUNM

David Bridwell and Marty Adamsmith (KUNM radio 89.9 FM host) discuss mosh pits, the whites of your eyes, how attention is the environment impinging on your brain, and whether we can find the brain measures that correspond to people "clicking".