Marketing Strategy

I started off with a strong interest in psychology and people. I went on to get a Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience studying how the brain processes information. Then, I went into academic research studying how we process music and movie clips and even how information is transferred from one person to another through language. Through these experiences I saw how important creativity is for conveying information and turned to a career in marketing strategy, where I work on turning data into things that matter.

A Brain-Based Case for Creativity in Advertising

Latest News

New Gig!

I'm excited to work as a Brand Strategist with BVK, a full-service ad agency based in Milwaukee, WI. 

Talk at Auburn University

I enjoyed speaking at the Auburn University American Marketing Association (AMA) meeting on October 4th. You can watch it here.

Webinar: What's That? Making Ads That Get Noticed

Getting noticed is the first key to having customers remember your message. Check out our latest webinar here.

Science, Music, Art And Creativity

Conference Presentation

I enjoyed talking about Science, Music, Art, And Creativity at the 2020 International Conference on Movement and Computing. You can watch it here.