influencer marketing

How Gillette Tapped Into A New Audience

 It's not the kind of spokesperson we're used to seeing, but it's not surprising given the rise of eSports and the rise of streamers and their popularity

marketing storytelling

The Power of Storytelling and Psychology in Marketing

Psychological insights can have a significant impact on marketing and behavior, and they're often less costly.


nostalgia marketing

The Psychology of Nostalgia Marketing

 Nostalgia is a distinct emotion that can help marketers build psychological connections between their brand and customers.

sonic branding

The Psychology Behind Sounds in Marketing: Sonic Branding

Open your ears marketers! The benefits of sonic branding are overlooked and underappreciated in the marketing world. 

poke the bear marketing

Poke the Bear To Steal Share from Market Leaders

Brands often find themselves in a position where they aren’t the leader in their category. In that case, it’s worthwhile considering ways to “poke the bear.” 

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