People Scientist

I’ve always been fascinated by people and their unique perspectives. Why do we do the things we do? How do we form beliefs? What drives our behavior? To answer these questions, I went on to study Neurobiology at UC Davis and Cognitive Neuroscience at UC Irvine.  

After my Ph.D., I continued as a Research Scientist in academia studying how we influence each other through language, art, and creativity. At the same time, I started writing songs and playing them in public, and I began to see first hand how creativity connects people and contributes to culture. This led me on a path to the world of marketing.  

As a People Scientist at Intermark Group marketing agency, I’m interested in following the ebb and flow of culture through our media-connected world. I’m interested in understanding the link between human behavior and brands where it really matters: how we choose to spend our money and how we choose to spend our time.

Lastest News

Webinar: Why That Ad Sucks

Only 16% of ads are remembered and correctly attributed. Check out our latest webinar where we discuss the memory science behind advertising.

Science, Music, Art And Creativity

Conference Presentation

I enjoyed talking about Science, Music, Art, And Creativity at the 2020 International Conference on Movement and Computing. You can watch it here.

Conflict and tension in marketing webinar

Webinar: The Art of Conflict, When Marketers Poke The Bear

If you aren't creating conflict and tension, are you really being productive? You can watch the webinar here

The Cognitive Neurosciences

New Book Chapter

 A bunch of cognitive neuroscientists and I recently came out with a chapter in the 6th edition of The Cognitive Neursciences. It's about moving Toward a Socially Responsible, Transparent, and Reproducible Cognitive Neuroscience.

What the face reveals Ekman

New Book Chapter

I recently co-authored a chapter that appeared within the book called What The Face Reveals. It's titled Intensive Meditation Training Influences Emotional Responses to Suffering